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Estourgie - Lestourgie - Esturgie - 

(Estourguie - Estourguia - Lestourguia - Lestourguie - Esturgis etc.

There is no content on this website, this site has been set up to give you the possibility to get in contact with us.

We expect that, by this manner, we get more knowledge in the past of our ancestors. It is important that the current and future generations will be involved and incorporated in our history. Our future offspring will need our knowledge of the past. New discoveries confirm the indications that the families Lestourgie, Estourgie and Esturgie connect to one common ancestor, up until the year 1250. Are there still linkages to other names? It is worth to help finding the missing links.

We gladly receive suggestions and ideas, to reinforce our genealogy knowledge. Everyone is welcome to help.  

With kind regards,

Justin H. Estourgie

Phone: 0031654222099

The Netherlands (Pays Bas)

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